To obtain the Payment status of your policy and/or to pay your bill online, click this link: View and Pay Your Bill Online


You may contact our Direct Bill Department at (800) 962-0800 or (781) 749-0841. Our staff is available to answer your questions weekdays between 8:15am and 4:15pm. Please have your policy number available.


Pay your invoice Online:

We are pleased to be able to offer you the benefits and convenience of paying your invoice Online.  With Online Billing, you can receive and pay bills Online, anytime, anywhere, in a secure environment.  Enrolling is quick and easy, it takes just a few minutes to set up an account.  Once enrolled, you can access your bill, view payment history, and receive notification through email that a bill is ready to be paid.  The Hingham Group accepts EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) payments through your bank, or credit card payments from Visa, Master Card, or Discover.

To pay your bill Online for the first time requires three steps:

1. Set up an e-bill account.  To do this you will need to have a copy of your current bill.

2. Set up a payment source, either a credit card or a  bank account:

  • For credit cards, be sure the address you enter is the 'Billing Address' on the credit card.
  • For a bank account, you will need a check for the Routing Number and Bank Account Number.
  • Be sure to input all leading zeros and that the Bank displayed on the confirmation screen is your bank.

3. Set up a payment transaction, authorizing payment to Hingham from either the credit card or the bank account you set up in Step 2.  The transactions will not be processed until the date you provide on the payment screen; if you wish for your payment to be sent immediately, use the current date, not a future date (the system will default to the Due Date on your bill, not today's date).

Pay your invoice by Phone:

We also offer the ability to pay by phone.  Payment may be charged to your Visa, Master, or Discover card by calling the Billing Department during normal business hours:

Monday through Friday 8:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
(800) 962-0800
(781) 749-0841

Pay your invoice by Mail:

For Direct Billed policies, payment may be made by check mailed to the following PO box shown below:

The Hingham Group
PO Box 9229
Chelsea MA 02150-9229


Billing Options:

The Hingham Group offers Direct Bill - policyholders mail their premium directly to the Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Company or the Danbury Insurance Company.

The Direct Bill plan we offer is a six payment program:  The full balance is paid in six payments within nine months of the Effective
Date of the policy .

  1. New business requires a 25% down payment with the application. This down payment satisfies the first installment. If the down payment does not equal 25% of the policy premium, a reminder notice will be mailed for the additional amount, which is due immediately.
  2. Renewal business installments are mailed out 30 days before the effective date of the policy, with a due date coinciding with the policy Effective Date.  The second through sixth installments are mailed three weeks before their due dates, approximately every 45 days.  There is a $5.00 service fee on the second throught sixth installment.

Insufficient funds or Uncollected Funds:

There is a $20.00 service charge for each check returned to us for insufficient or uncollected funds.