Mutual Insurance companies were started in the 1750’s when American colonists got together to protect themselves against the peril of fire. The idea was for a group of men to collect advance premium with the promise to protect them individually against fire loss. These policyholders mutually owned the company and were not responsible to any stockholders. It is this same belief in the mutual philosophy that governs The Hingham Group today. It is our mission to provide quality service and products to our policyholders and agents at a competitive price and we promise to provide the financial security they deserve.

Incorporated on March 4, 1826, the Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Company was led by Jotham Lincoln as president and David Harding as secretary. Located in a small wood frame building outside Hingham center, the company conducted business there for eighteen years. The company would move one time before settling at 49 Main Street, Hingham Massachusetts for the next 126 years. The home office is now located in Hingham along the Back River on land once used by the military during World War II.

The Company originally insured properties in the Town of Hingham and a few surrounding communities. These policies were written through independent agents and formed the foundation of a company that is still going strong. Today our business has expanded to all six New England states. Nearly 400 independent agents are licensed to offer a full range of insurance products at a competitive price.

In 1985 the Hingham Mutual Fire Insurance Company got together with six other New England Mutual companies, to form a holding company named NE Corporation. The holding company then formed Casco Indemnity Company to write quality personal and commercial automobile insurance throughout New England. The Hingham Group now owns 54.4% of the NE Corporation. This partnership allows us to offer our agents a balanced book of business, including auto.

The Danbury Insurance Company was originally formed in 1850 under the laws of Connecticut as the Danbury Mutual Insurance Company. In 1991 the company was converted from a Mutual company to a Stock company, and the ownership passed to three Connecticut insurance agents. Hingham Mutual acquired the company on August 11, 1994 and as of today the Danbury is domiciled in Massachusetts and licensed in five New England states. Through the acquisition of Danbury Insurance Company, The Hingham Group now has the ability to offer more choices and greater flexibility.

We take pride in our past and look forward to the future. Our logo is the ocean wave: It symbolizes strength and a continuous momentum forward. The insurance industry is forever changing and The Hingham Group has kept pace. Through the years we have moved forward, keeping our original belief that safety and security are what our agents and policyholders deserve.